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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Byteboard FAQ & Answers

❓ How do we get in touch with Byteboard?

Different contact methods to get in touch with the Byteboard Customer Success, Billing, Sales, and Technical Support teams.

❓ How do we add users to, remove users from, or edit user roles in our Byteboard portal?

Steps for Admin users to manage account user records in your portal.

❓ What types of assessments does Byteboard offer?

Review an up-to-date list of active Byteboard interview assessment domains.

❓ How do we set up a Lever ATS integration?

❓ How do we set up a Greenhouse ATS integration?

❓ How do I send a Byteboard interview invitation?

Step-by-step guidance for how to send interview invites from the portal.

❓ Can we edit the Byteboard invitation email or send invitation links directly?

❓ Do candidates need a Google account to take an interview?

❓ Can we be notified if a candidate does not complete an interview in the designated time period or before their deadline?

❓ Can I re-send a Byteboard interview if the original email invite bounced?

❓ When sending invites, what’s the difference between the interview levels? (e.g., Senior vs Junior) & How do we know which level to send?

❓ How does Byteboard assess candidate satisfaction and how can we track it?

❓ What can we do to improve turnaround time?

❓ How long is the Byteboard interview and can we alter the length?

❓ What languages and development environments are available for each assessment type?

View a summary table of which Byteboard assessments are offered for which experience levels (grading calibrations), in which coding languages, and in which development environments (IDEs).

❓ How many questions does Byteboard have for each domain? How come we only see one for our candidates? Or, why are our candidates in the same domain receiving multiple different questions?

❓ What packages can candidates use in Byteboard interviews?

❓ What if a candidate has a technical issue during their interview?

❓ Does Byteboard track demographic data for candidates? How does Byteboard provide a more fair interview for demographics that are typically more adversely impacted?

❓ What does Byteboard do to prevent cheating and plagiarism?

Cheating Detection and Prevention Policies in place at Byteboard

❓ What is the timeline for grading?

❓ Does Byteboard require testing in the coding modules?

❓ How can we be notified when an evaluation is completed?

❓ Can we download or export a skills report?

❓ How do AI Assistance Tools Impact the Byteboard Interview?

Read more about Byteboard’s philosophy on AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot and how Byteboard’s assessment methodology continues to be resilient to similar tools.

❓ How does Byteboard save us time during the interview process?

Read more about how using Byteboard as your technical interview solution saves time for your Eng team for every candidate! More details here on our time savings calculations.

❓ How do I log in to Byteboard? Can I use Single Sign On (SSO) and Social Login to Access Byteboard?

Info about logging in to the Byteboard portal and troubleshooting user login issues, including how to set up your Byteboard account with SSO and Social Login.

❓ Can I Review Assessment Questions? / How do I Send Test Interviews to Review Interview Materials?

The best way to review assessment questions that your candidates will see is to send yourself/internal team members test Byteboard interviews. Read more here!

❓What is the Byteboard Staff Engineer Assessment?

Learn more about how Byteboard approaches evaluating engineers at the staff level, including the most salient skills for Staff SWE roles and how our Staff SWE assessment differs from Byteboard interviews at the Senior SWE level.