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❓ Does Byteboard track demographic data for candidates? How does Byteboard provide a more fair interview for demographics that are typically more adversely impacted?

Creating an equitable interview experience is a cornerstone of what we do at Byteboard, and tracking demographic data allows us to ensure we are accomplishing that goal. Our customers are able to manually identify under-represented groups that a candidate belongs to from the candidate’s Byteboard profile page, in addition to Gender and Race/Ethnicity info.

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Candidates are also able to self-report Gender and Race/Ethnicity at the completion of their interview in the optional post-interview survey. We are hoping to be able to share findings from that data in aggregate.

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Please let us know if there are other candidate identity datapoints that you’d like to see collected from candidates during the post-interview survey!

Read the team’s blog post on important topics within the technical interview space and on Byteboard’s assessment methodology, including how Byteboard continues to lead the field in terms of adverse impact ratio and interviewing fairness across all races and genders:

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