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❓ How does Byteboard save us time during the interview process?

Read more about how using Byteboard as your technical interview solution saves time for your Eng team for every candidate! More details here on our time savings calculations.

How does Byteboard save us Eng hiring time per hire?


Byteboard saves time for your engineering and hiring teams in two primary ways:

  1. Time spent conducting and summarizing the interview steps that your team replaced with Byteboard
  1. Time you avoid spending in onsites or other post-Byteboard interview steps with unqualified candidates you can identify using Byteboard

We make some assumptions about both of these categories to help present an estimate of how much time Byteboard saves. We also acknowledge that every process is different, so we explain these assumptions in detail below to allow you to compare them to your use case. If you have more questions about how Byteboard saves you time, reach out to us!

Interview Facilitation

Most often, Byteboard replaces a technical phone screen that was previously conducted by a member of our customers’ engineering teams. Conducting these interviews typically costs your team one hour for each candidate, plus 30 minutes to write up notes on the interview for analysis. So, we use this calculation for each interview:

1.5 hours * completed Byteboard interviews = Interview facilitation hours saved
  • This estimate does not account for take time savings from interview scheduling and coordination; the total amount of time saved is likely even higher!
  • You can swap in the amount of time for the interview step you replaced Byteboard with to customize this metric to your org’s interview process

Unqualified Onsites Avoided

Most of our clients conduct a full onsite or virtual onsite interview immediately following the Byteboard interview step. Onsites are a significant investment for multiple teams at your company, and we conservatively assume they take four hours for each candidate.

  • Byteboard has consistently been able to improve onsite to offer ratios for our clients, meaning that the pool of candidates who proceed to the onsite step is smaller and more consistently qualified.

We customize this information based on the onsite to offer ratio we see from your Byteboard candidates (if the data is provided to us manually or through your account’s ATS integration), but make some assumptions in lieu of having this data.


Byteboard clients have an average onsite to offer rate of 49%, compared to an industry average of 25%. This means that you can avoid an unnecessary onsite for roughly a quarter of the candidates who would otherwise move on.

25% of candidates avoiding unnecessary onsites * 4 hours per onsite * completed Byteboard interviews = Unqualified onsites avoided

Saving four hours for every one in four candidates averages out to another hour of time savings per candidate.

  • Many onsite processes are longer than four hours; you can add in the total onsite time associated with your interview process to the calculation above to adjust the estimate
  • Byteboard tracks onsite to offer rates if use an ATS integration or when your team provides Nexts Steps and Offer Status data in the platform; reach out to your Byteboard account contact for a personalized estimate of time savings taking this data into account

Time Savings Together 🤝

Using our assumptions above, we see that Byteboard saves at least 1.5 hours in direct interview facilitation and an average of 1 hour per candidate in avoidable onsite interviews.

Putting these together:

  • We estimate each Byteboard interview saves your team at least 2.5 hours of interview time!

Each interview process is different, and we would be happy to help you think through how these time savings apply to your process and the parallel benefits to hiring consistency, equity, and candidate experience. Reach out to your Byteboard account representative to talk this over!

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