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❓ Can I Review Assessment Questions? / How do I Send Test Interviews to Review Interview Materials?

The best way to review assessment questions that your candidates will see is to send yourself/internal team members test Byteboard interviews. Read more here!

Byteboard does not share a full list of assessment questions that are active at any given time within each of our interview domains because we’re regularly developing new assessment materials, and questions are rotated in and out once a certain volume of candidates has seen them.


If you would like to review assessment questions before sending invites out to candidates (for SWE, Mobile, etc.), the best way to do so is to send yourself test interviews at no extra cost from your Byteboard portal.

Follow these steps below to send test interviews:

  1. After logging in, navigate to the Invite tab of your portal
    1. *Even if your account is integrated with an ATS system, we recommend sending test interviews through the portal to avoid needing to create a test candidate record in the ATS
  1. To send an invite, fill in the Name and Email (internal email for test invites), and then select the Interview Type you’d like to review
  1. You will then receive the interview invite email and can walk through the interview to review the assessment questions
  1. Remember to not submit Part 2 (Coding Implementation); the interview will be be marked as Incomplete & credited back to your account
    1. ‼️
      *If you opt to use the Google Cloud Shell IDE option for your test interview, note that you MUST close both the Cloud Shell window and the Byteboard interview window in your internet browser before the interview timer runs out to prevent Cloud Shell from auto-submitting Part 2

*Note that test interviews do not count against your total interview quota as long as they are not fully submitted. When the team is reviewing the Byteboard test interviews, make sure to NOT submit Part 2 (the coding portion) or the interview will be graded and count toward your usage.
If you do fully submit a test interview by accident, reach out to Byteboard Customer Success as soon as possible, identifying the Byteboard Candidate ID, so we can prevent the interview from being graded and counting toward your usage.

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