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❓ What can we do to improve turnaround time?

We've found that reducing the time from invitation to interview is often the most effective way to improve overall turnaround time. The default maximum time that candidates have to complete the interview from invitation is seven days, ensuring a weekend will always be included since that is the most popular time for candidates to take the interview.


Once a candidate has completed their interview, our grading timeline is two business days from when the candidate submits their materials. Each interview is reviewed by trained, human graders, and we do everything we can to make grading as quick and consistent as possible.

*Note - if a specific candidate report is needed sooner than the ETA date listed in your Byteboard portal, reached out to your customer success representative via Slack, Spaces or Email with the candidate’s Byteboard ID to request an expedited report. In those cases, we do our best to grade the interview and generate the candidate’s skills report in less than 48 hours subject to grader availability.

Additionally, we have some crowd-sourced ideas to help increase candidate engagement:

Ask your candidates when they intend to take the Byteboard interview and send them a calendar invite to effectively "schedule" the interview and let them know you will check-in after they've completed it
Pre-schedule all next round interviews ahead of time and let candidate's know based on their Byteboard results you'll hold or cancel the interviews, but can move very quickly if they do well on the Byteboard interview; this encourages candidates to complete their Byteboard interview quicker

If you have any other questions or thoughts on turnaround time, please let us know!


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