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Candidate Skills Report

Skills report

Viewing a candidate’s skills report

The candidate skills report aims to provide hiring companies with an overview of a candidate’s performance on the Byteboard interview.

Candidate skills report tabs

Skill Indicators

About skill indicators in the skills report

❓ Where can I see the assessment question that the candidate took?

❓Where can I see which domain, level and language this candidate took their interview in?

❓ Can I see a candidate’s name directly from the report without going back to the candidate table list?

❓ What Skills are represented the Skills Map?

❓ What does each skill in the report represent?

❓ What is included in the ‘Design Exercise (Part 1) Summary’ Section?

❓ In the ‘Design Exercise (Part 1)’ Tab of the report, I see comments left by Taylor Williams. Who is that?

❓ What is included in the ‘Code Implementation (Part 2) Summary’ Section?

❓ How can I share Skills Reports with other members of my team?

❓ What do the ‘Next Steps’ and ‘Offer Status’ fields at the top of the Skills Report impact?

Next Steps & Offer Status can be populated directly from a candidate’s Skills Report page or from the Candidates table data columns.

❓ What does ‘Not Enough Signal’ mean for a specific skill?

❓ Can I download a PDF copy of the Skills Report?

Download candidate code

How to download candidate code

❓ How do I communicate feedback on a candidate’s Skills Report back to the Byteboard team?