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❓ How can I share Skills Reports with other members of my team?

If you have team members that only need access to view candidates’ reports and aren’t already set up as users on your Byteboard account, the easiest way to provide them access to view Byteboard Skills Reports is to set them up as ‘Candidate Reviewer’ users in the Byteboard portal.

  • Once they’ve set up their account and successfully logged in, you can send them the URL for the report they’d want to view!
  • You can add as many users to the Byteboard portal as you need at no extra cost and ‘Candidate Reviewer’ users are able to review anonymized Skills Reports.
*Note — ‘Admin’, ‘Interviewer’ and ‘Recruiter’ users on your Byteboard account are able to view all candidate Skills Reports including candidate PII (names and emails)

‘Candidate Reviewer’ Users View Anonymized Skills Reports


From the Candidates dashboard, Candidate Reviewer users can only see the following fields for each candidate:

  1. Byteboard ID
  1. Interview Type
  1. Interview Date
  1. Status

Reviewers aren’t able to see candidate names or email addresses in the Candidates table, but they can see the Skills Report and the candidate’s Design Exercise (Part 1) and Code Implementation (Part 2) data, including the candidate’s code.


Adding New Users to Your Account


Admin users on your account can add new users in the Byteboard platform.


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