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❓ What is included in the ‘Code Implementation (Part 2) Summary’ Section?

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The Code Implementation (Part 2) Summary offers a similar structure of feedback to the Part 1 summary. Section Takeaways provide bullet-pointed insights into each of the coding tasks that are asked of candidates during the interview.

  • These takeaways focus on the items that are most relevant for that specific section/task, such as how much progress the candidate made and the correctness of their solution.
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You can see more information about each of the three tasks, which escalate in difficulty, by hovering over the Info Icon as pictured above.

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Beneath the Task Takeaways, you can also see a few cross-cutting core skills (e.g., ‘Code Quality’) that are measured across all tasks. Hovering over the info icon next to each provides more context on these skills.

*Note — these only display when there’s something noteworthy in these areas about the candidate’s responses that we consider when calculating their overall score. If Skill Takeaways are not applicable, Grader Notes will be directly beneath the Task Takeaways.

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Finally, similar to the Part 1 Summary, Grader Notes that come directly from our Part 2 Graders provide more nuance on what they saw when reviewing the candidate's performance. These notes are structured by Task, and you may not see grader notes for every Task on every Skills Report since graders aim to highlight the most relevant nuances. Finally, at the very bottom there is an Overall Feedback section containing additional Graders comments that weren’t covered in the Task notes.


Coding Implementation (Part 2) Raw Submission

*Note — to view the candidate’s raw submission for the Coding Implementation part of their Interview, click on the Coding Implementation (Part 2) tab at the top of the Skills Report page.

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