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Candidate profile


The candidate profile displays candidate details including:

  • Interview Type
  • Language
  • Candidate Identity
  • History

By default profile is not displayed to reduce opportunities for bias.

Interview Details

To view a candidate’s profile including Interview Details:

  1. Select Show Profile on the left-hand panel of the candidate report.
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  1. A side panel will appear displaying:
      • Interview Type: Interview Type corresponds to the CoreEval interview completed by the candidate. Names are assigned via
      • Language: The coding language in which the candidate completed the CoreEval interview.
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Candidate Identity

To view candidate identify details:

  1. User will be able to view the candidate name and email address
  1. Users will have the option to update URM Status, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity for a candidate.
    1. Inclusion of demographic data allows Byteboard to ensure we are seeing fair outcomes across candidates from all backgrounds.


The HISTORY section of candidate profile will display details related to date, time, and users performing the following actions:

  • Interview Sent
  • Interview Reminder (including automated reminders)
  • Interview Deadline Extended
  • Interview Started
  • Interview Completed (including ETA)
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