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Viewing a candidate’s skills report

The candidate skills report aims to provide hiring companies with an overview of a candidate’s performance on the Byteboard interview.


The candidate skills report aims to provide hiring companies with an overview of a candidate’s performance on the Byteboard interview. This article provides an overview of the report and guidance on how to interpret.

Accessing the skills report

  1. To access a skills report, click on the desired candidate ID in the Candidates section from your account.
  1. Upon clicking on a candidate’s ID, the skills report will appear in your window.

Key components of the skills report

The skills report is structured into four key sections detailed below:


The skills report is generated from a structured evaluation rubrics and interview feedback from trained Graders who review a candidate’s submission. To review a candidate’s submission, click the DESIGN EXERCISE (PART 1) or CODE IMPLEMENTATION (PART 2) tabs at the tope of the report.

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Skills Report Sections

Overall Rating

The OVERALL RATING section includes a rating, next steps, and offer status fields. All candidate’s receive one of the following top-level ratings: Strong, Leaning Strong, Needs Improvement, Poor.

Next Steps indicates subsequent interviews and/or status of the candidate (e.g., rejection, withdrawal); Offer Status indicates the candidate’s terminal state (e.g., offer made, offer accepted). Completion of the Next Steps and Offer Status insights enable hiring companies to calibrate and Byteboard to improve rating system.

Learn more about ratings.

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Skills Map

The SKILLS MAP is designed to provide visibility into a heat map of a candidate’s skills split across CORE SKILLS and ADDITIONAL SKILLS. Note, core skills and additional skills are different across interview type and level.

Each skill will include a measure of proficiency such as:


Learn more about skill indicators.

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The tooltip to the right of each skill displays information on:

Role Profile

Each SKILLS MAPP is calculated using a Role Profile. Each interview will be evaluated against a Default profile unless otherwise indicated. The tooltip icon to the right of the role profile name will display information on the corresponding role profile. A few notes on role profiles:

  • Role profiles are intended to provide better-tailored candidate ratings according to the skills a team prioritizes for each role and level.
  • Role profiles are selected at the Interview Type level.

Design Exercise (Part 1) Summary

The DESIGN EXERCISE (PART 1) SUMMARY is designed to provide additional insights on the design exercise portion of interview. The DESIGN EXERCISE (PART 1) SUMMARY includes high-level takeaways including:

Design Exercise Grader Notes

Design Exercise Grader Notes includes detailed notes from Byteboard Graders aimed at providing additional insights and nuance in a candidate’s interview submission. Note, length of grader notes will vary based on skills report.

Code Implementation (Part 2) Summary

The CODE IMPLEMENTATION (PART 2) SUMMARY is designed to provide additional insights on the code implementation portion of interview. The CODE IMPLEMENTATION (PART 2) SUMMAR includes high-level takeaways including:

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Other Key Features

Feedback for Candidate

FEEDBACK FOR CANDIDATE provides a short summary and feedback that can be shared with candidates. Select COPY TO CLIPBOARD to copy and share with candidates via your preferred method of communication. Note, Byteboard does not share performance/assessment results or any portion of the Skills Report directly with candidates.

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Show Profile

Show Profile displays candidate profile details including a candidate’s:

  • Interview Type
  • Language
  • Candidate Identity
  • History

By default profile is not displayed to reduce opportunities for bias.

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