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❓ In the ‘Design Exercise (Part 1)’ Tab of the report, I see comments left by Taylor Williams. Who is that?

The comments that you see from ‘Taylor Williams’ on the Design Exercise (Part 1) are automated and appear in the Design Exercise of all Byteboard Interviews.

  • Taylor Williams is the name of a simulated co-worker but is not a real person and the assessment is not live with an Engineer.
  • Candidates respond to the comments from Taylor Williams to simulate interacting with questions they might receive on an engineering project design doc on the job, and the candidates’ responses are used to assess and get signal about their effectiveness with communication, collaboration, etc.
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Design Exercise (Part 1) Raw Submission

*Note — to view the candidate’s raw submission for the Design Exercise of their interview, click on the Design Exercise (Part 1) tab at the top of the Skills Report.

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