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Portal Best Practices - Recruiters

Byteboard Portal Best Practices for Recruiters

Manage your candidates’ Byteboard interview / The Candidate Page

Learn how to manage your candidates’ Byteboard interview, including how to provide time accommodations, change interview type, extend the deadline, and send reminders.

📤 Sending Byteboard Interview Invites to Candidates

Step by step guidance for how to send interview invites from the portal.

The Invite Tab - Selecting Interview Domains & Levels

Best practices for selecting the appropriate level and domain when sending Byteboard interview invites to your candidates.

➕ Adding New Interview Types

Best practices for creating interview types (including naming conventions) for your Byteboard interviews. Grading calibration happens at the Interview Type level.

Updating a Candidate Interview Deadline

How to update a candidate’s deadline if they haven’t yet started or taken their Byteboard interview!

📈 Byteboard Dashboard - Sections & Charts Explained!

A detailed walkthrough of the Dashboard page charts and data.

Filtering Dashboard Metrics by Interview Type or by Report Available Time (date)

How to filter the Dashboard to glean the most insight for each of your candidate pipelines!

The Candidates Table - Available Tabs/Views

Navigating the candidates table for both candidate who were invited to take a Byteboard and those who already completed their interview.

📊 Candidates Table Data Columns & Fields

Learn all about what the different columns represent on the Byteboard Candidates dashboard!

🔎 Searching, Sorting, and Filtering the Candidates Table

Tips and recommendations for best organizing your Byteboard candidate data in the portal!

Bulk Uploading Candidates to Send Byteboard Interview Invitations

How to upload candidate data to send interview invites in bulk from the Byteboard portal using a CSV file.