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📊 Candidates Table Data Columns & Fields

Learn all about what the different columns represent on the Byteboard Candidates dashboard!

After selecting your desired view in the Candidates table, you may then filter on the different data fields that are displayed as column headers.

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The following fields are available by default:

1. ID

  • An auto-generated Byteboard ID, assigned to each candidate in order to anonymize every interview. Each candidate has a unique ID and this is the unique identifier for a candidate’s specific interview results

2. Email

  • The candidate’s email address to which the Byteboard interview invite is sent out
*Note — Byteboard portal users with the Reviewer user role cannot see this info to keep the candidate’s identity anonymous; only Recruiter, Admin, and Interviewer users can see this data

3. Name

  • The candidate’s first and last name
*Note — Byteboard portal users with the Reviewer user role cannot see this info to keep the candidate’s identity anonymous; only Recruiter, Admin, and Interviewer users can see this data

4. Interview Type

  • The specific interview type that is sent to the candidate for their Byteboard assessment
  • Typically, the interview type naming convention identifies the interview domain and level
    • e.g., Junior Mobile, Senior Mobile, Junior SWE

5. Interview Date

  • The date on which the candidate completed and submitted their Byteboard interview

6. Interview Status

  • This column shows the candidate’s Byteboard assessment performance rating once their interview has been graded and finalized by the Byteboard team
  • Possible values are: Invited, Active, ETA, Expired, Strong, Leaning Strong, Needs Improvement, Poor, Incomplete, and SupportActive
    • There are four top-level ratings: Strong, Leaning Strong, Needs Improvement and Poor. We recommend thinking about each rating as follows:
      • Strong: we recommend all Strong candidates be brought onsite immediately because we believe they are a good match for this role at this level
      • Leaning Strong: we believe this candidate has most of the skills required for this role at this level. We recommend bringing them onsite but that you dive deeper into skills that are lacking to fill in the gaps
      • Needs Improvement: We do not recommend these candidates for this role, but this candidate might perform better at the previous level. If you decide to bring them onsite, evaluate them at a different level
      • Poor: we do not recommend bringing these candidates onsite for this role and level
      • 🚨
        Please note, as of May 2023 Byteboard launched changes to our Skills Report. The category of More Review has been re-designed and split into two new categories, Leaning Strong & Needs Improvement, to provide more distinction and guidance for how to action candidates that fall between the ratings of Strong and Poor.
    • Invited candidates were sent a Byteboard interview email invite but haven’t yet taken completed the interview
    • Active candidates are currently taking their Byteboard interview
    • Expired candidates were sent an interview invite but didn’t complete the interview before their scheduled deadline
      • The Expired status only appears in the All view of the Candidates table
    • Incomplete status indicates that a candidate began the Byteboard interview, but it was not fully completed or submitted
      • Typically, incomplete interviews were abandoned after being opened or the first part was submitted and the second part was left blank
        • 🏆
          Best Practice: If a candidate is marked Incomplete but reaches out to you directly about technical issues during their interview time, contact to discuss resolving these issues and possible next steps for that candidate!
    • SupportActive indicates that our Support team is currently working to resolve issues they encountered while taking or submitting their Byteboard interview
      • The SupportActive status only appears in the All view of the Candidates tab
      *Note — if a candidate has taken their Byteboard interview but it has not yet been graded, this column will show ‘ETA Month DD’, displaying the date (month and day) when the Skills Report should be available and ready to access

7. Next Steps - once a candidate has completed their BB interview, best practice is to manually populate this field to indicate what next steps for the candidate are

  • Available values: Onsite, Rejected, Technical Phone Screen, Technical Phone Screen & Onsite, Withdrew, & N/A
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      *Note — data inputted in this Next Steps column will directly impact the Dashboard insights and metrics visible from the portal homepage, specifically Pipeline Insights
      Even if the Onsite or Technical Phone Screen & Onsite options do not match exactly with your team’s candidate next steps (the interview round name, etc.), we recommend selecting one of these two options for all candidates who are brought forward in your interview process. This helps Byteboard align your account’s grading calibration for each interview type, and provides insight into candidate outcomes data.

8. Offer Status - in addition to Next Steps, use this column to indicate whether a candidate that continued on in the interview process received an offer and what the status of their offer is

  • Available values: No Offer, Offer Made, Offer Accepted, Offer Declined, Withdrew, & N/A
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      Note — data inputted in this Offer Status column directly impacts the Dashboard insights and metrics visible from the homepage, specifically Offers Made and Pipeline Insights
      Best practice is for your team to populate this column as well as Next Steps for every Byteboard candidate to receive maximum benefit from the portal’s dashboard insights and metrics!

9. Invite Sender - This column displays the email address for the person who sent the Byteboard interview email invite, and populates automatically for all invites that are sent directly from your Byteboard portal

*Note — this Invite Sender column may be blank in the portal for invites that are sent directly from your Greenhouse or Lever ATS system. Read more here on how to ensure Invite Sender sends over successfully from your Greenhouse ATS to Byteboard.
Byteboard differs from many other technical assessment solutions in that you are not penalized or charged for interviews that your candidates do not take or do not fully complete. Interview invites that are marked as Expired or interviews that are marked as Incomplete are credited back to your account and do not count against your total number of interviews used!

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