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📤 Sending Byteboard Interview Invites to Candidates

Step by step guidance for how to send interview invites from the portal.

Use Case: Your candidates are going to take a Byteboard interview and you’re ready to send them the interview invite email OR you’d like to send a test interview internally to someone on your team to review Byteboard assessment material and candidate experience.
*Note — If you use Greenhouse or Lever as your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and integrate it with Byteboard, you can send the email invitation for candidates to take a Byteboard interview from the ATS directly!

Follow these steps below to invite a candidate directly from the platform:

  1. Log in to your Byteboard portal and click Invite on the left side menu
    1. Notion image

2. Manually enter the candidate Emails and Names on the Invite Candidates screen

  • Add the info for one or more candidates (by populating additional lines below the first line)
    • Notion image
  • The Name field is optional — you can still send an invite if the name field is blank

3. Select Interview Type

  • Select the most appropriate interview type from the available dropdown for the candidate
    • Notion image
      ^ *Note -
      ^ *Note - the Interview Type dropdown options available will be specific to your account!

4. Set the interview Deadline, and then click Send Invitations at the bottom of the page

  • The default Byteboard Deadline date will be set to seven days (one week from today’s date), unless your account has designated an alternative default deadline period
    • Notion image
  • Select the Deadline by clicking the date format itself or clicking the small calendar icon next to it
    • Notion image
  • Select your desired Deadline date from the calendar pop-up and click OK

5. Once you’ve finished entering candidate data, send the interview invites by clicking Send Invitations in the bottom righthand corner

  • On the Invite Candidates page, you can easily view how many total interviews are remaining on your account (Total remaining interviews)
    • Notion image
  • The Email, Interview Type, and Deadline fields are all required to send invitations; you’ll receive an error message if you try to send with any of these three fields left blank
Notion image

Once you send your Byteboard interview invites, check the status of the interviews at any time in the portal. Refer to the Candidates Tab Byteboard Best Practices for more info.

Note — You can send as many test interviews as you’d like and they won’t count against your total interviews used if the interview is not fully submitted (if Part 2 isn’t submitted). If you accidentally fully submit a test interview, reach out to your Customer Success representative.

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