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The Candidates Table - Available Tabs/Views

Navigating the candidates table for both candidate who were invited to take a Byteboard and those who already completed their interview.

The Candidates dashboard displays all information for tracking your candidates, both candidates that have been invited to take a Byteboard interview and also ones that have already completed their interviews.

There are different Candidates Table views to choose from:

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  1. My Candidates
      • A pre-filtered view that shows all candidates for which you are the Invite Sender (all candidates that you originally invited to take the Byteboard Interview)
  1. Performed
      • Displays all your candidates that have fully submitted their Byteboard interview (including candidates that have already been finalized, candidates that are still being graded, and any candidates marked as Incomplete).
      • Once a candidate has been finalized, view the Interview Status column for the candidate’s performance rating and click on the Byteboard candidate ID in the line for that candidate to view their finalized Skills Report
  1. Invited
      • This view displays all the candidates which you’ve invited to take a Byteboard interview but who have not yet taken and submitted their interview
  1. All
      • A combined view that displays every candidate invited to Byteboard for your account, including those whose invite link expired without them starting their interview
*Note — When Skills Reports are complete, your account Slack channel will also get notified that the specific candidate has been finalized and what their performance rating is (if set up with a Byteboard Slack support channel)!

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