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Bulk Uploading Candidates to Send Byteboard Interview Invitations

How to upload candidate data to send interview invites in bulk from the Byteboard portal using a CSV file.

Use Case: If you have a longer list of candidates for which you need to send Byteboard interview invitations in the portal, you also have the option to bulk upload a CSV file to invite candidates.

From the Invite tab in the Byteboard portal, you can upload a CSV (.csv) file with all your candidates' Emails and Names, using the provided example template as a guide.

  • You’re then able to bulk select the Interview Type and interview Deadline that will apply to all the invitations

To bulk upload candidates and send them interview invitations in the portal, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your BB portal and click Invite on the left side menu
  1. At the top, click Bulk Upload (CSV)
    1. Notion image
      • Follow the CSV (.csv) file format template that pops up in the window, putting Email as the header in column one and Name as the header in column two
      Notion image
      • Bulk upload using the CSV popup in the portal
      Notion image
      *Note — Make sure your file is saved as a CSV (.csv) & that it follows the template format!

3. From the next window, upload your prepared CSV (.csv) file, select the Interview Type, select the Deadline, and click Upload

  • The Interview Type and Deadline you select will be applied to all the candidates that are included in your bulk upload CSV file, though you can manually change the Interview Type or Deadline on the next screen for specific candidates should you need to
    • Notion image

4. As the last step, click Send Invitations and an email invite will send to the candidates

  • Send out Byteboard invitations for CSV bulk uploaded candidates by clicking the Send Invitations button, just as you would for singular candidate invites in the portal.
    • Notion image

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