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Candidate Invite Email & Interview Guide

View the email that candidates are sent when invited to take a Byteboard and walk through the interview guide resources available to candidates.

When candidates are invited to take a Byteboard interview and click into their interview link from the invite email, they’re first directed to an Interview Center that provides tons of helpful resources like:

  • The interview format, breakdown of the different sections of the interview and the coding languages available
  • A walkthrough of the interview platform and IDE they will use
  • Performance expectations and what we look for in candidate answers
  • Tips on how to best allocate time during the interview
  • Frequently asked questions

What’s Included in the Invite Email?

All candidates that are invited to take a Byteboard interview will receive an email (pictured below) containing the unique link to their interview. This email template does not differ for interviews sent from your ATS or from the Byteboard portal directly.

The invite email will be unique for each candidate’s name, your organization’s account name, and the interview deadline that’s listed both at the top and at the bottom of the email. Please note that the email content cannot be customized at this time, apart from your company’s logo (Example here).
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What’s Included in the Interview Center?

Click through the Interview Center prototype linked here to see the Byteboard resources that candidates are directed to before starting their interview. Many of these resources are optional to review; candidates can click in to begin their interview right away after selecting their coding language and IDE!

You can always send yourself or a teammate a test interview invite to review the Interview Guide materials directly from the interview invite link. If you do start the interview to review assessment questions, please note that fully submitted interviews will be graded and count toward your usage. Do not submit interview Part 2 (the coding implementation portion) and exit out of the interview tab to leave your test interview as incomplete. Incomplete interviews do not count toward your plan usage and will be credited back to your account!

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