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About calibration

About Calibration

Calibration allows Byteboard to make adjustments to how candidate skill reports are graded to match your hiring bar and create a uniform hiring standard. Byteboard can reprioritize skills based on your talent standard and needs.

Calibration Overview

Every new Byteboard assessment added to your account utilizes a default role profile. Based on your team’s hiring needs, you may consider adjusting the role profile used to evaluate candidates completing a Byteboard assessment.


Learn more about role profiles.

When to adjust role profiles

You may consider an adjustment to an assessment’s role profile if:

  • Mismatch between candidate performance on Byteboard assessment and subsequent interview rounds
  • Your team prioritizes skills assessed in Design and Coding Implementation exercises differently.

If you are interested in adjusting your role profiles, please write to us at

Note, role profile adjustments are recommended once you have had 10-15 candidates complete a particular assessment and only impact ratings for future candidates.
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