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About ratings in skills report


Rating is a feature inside the Byteboard skills report that provides a top-level evaluation of a candidate’s performance on a Byteboard interview. This article explains Byteboard’s 4-point rating scale. Note, ratings are available for all candidates.

Importance of ratings

For a recruiters and hiring managers, it is helpful to make hiring decisions based on a consistent and fair rating system. You will receive a rating for all candidates which aids in objectively evaluating a candidate and answering the question “how likely is this candidate to succeed in this role”?


All Byteboard candidate’s receive one of the following top-level ratings:

  • Strong
  • Leaning Strong
  • Needs Improvement
  • Poor

View ratings inside candidate skills report

  • To view your candidate’s rating, open the Candidate Skills Report.
  • Rating will be available under the SUMMARY section of the Skills Report
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  • Each rating will be accompanied with a recommendation on next steps.

How to interpret ratings

Ratings are a better, quicker way to look at a candidate’s performance and inform next steps in hiring process which will reduce time to hire. Below is a general heuristic or rule of thumb for how to proceed with candidates based on ratings.

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You can learn more about rating calibration and distribution via the following:

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