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Release Date: November 2023

Release notes for November 2023

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Add and edit assessments in platform

We want to help you take control over assessment experience for candidates. So we’ve streamlined the process for adding and editing assessments directly within your Byteboard account (Assessments tab) so you can evaluate candidates faster.


What’s New

  • You will now be able to add new assessments(s) to your account and select configuration details including languages and duration.
  • You will be able to change the status (activate/deactivate) assessments from the new Assessments tab.

To get started, account Admins and Recruiters can go into the Assessments tab. From there, Admins and Recruiters will be able to add new assessments and edit existing ones.

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Software engineering - fullstack assessment

We’ve released an assessment variant requiring candidates to further explore fullstack design and implementation decisions providing team’s hiring for fullstack software engineers with skills and performance insights more aligned with role requirements and responsibilities.


What’s New

  • New candidate questions within the Design Exercise (Part 1) portion of assessment
  • All Design Exercise (Part 1) content (outside of questions) remains the same as Software Engineering - General assessment
  • Candidates will be measured across the same skills (e.g., skills map)
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Mobile engineering new language - Swift (Swift UI)

Mobile engineering assessment is now available in Swift (SwiftUI) in addition to UIKit for iOS. To view available languages, visit our assessments overview.

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Site reliability engineering new language - TypeScript

Site reliability engineering assessment is now available in TypeScript. To view available languages, visit our assessments overview.

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