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Release Date: August 2023

Release notes for August 2023

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Skills Report redesign

We have reorganized the skills map into eight (8) most relevant skills to an Interview Type and split skills into CORE SKILLS and ADDITIONAL SKILLS (listed in order of priority).

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What’s New

Consolidated and reweighted skills map

  • Skills are consolidated into two categories: CORE SKILLS and ADDITIONAL SKILLS. Each category represents the relative importance of those skills to a candidate’s interview type. The skills displayed in the SKILLS MAP will be impacted by the the following interview type variables:
    • Domain (e.g., Software Engineering, Mobile Engineering)
    • Level (e.g., Senior, Junior, Entry Level, Intern)
    • Role Profile (Default, Strong Coder, etc.)

Role profile visibility

  • Every skills report include details on role profile selected for relevant interview type
  • Role profiles are used to inform skill weights and expectations.

Feedback for candidate

  • You will now be able to easily copy and paste a short summary of performance to share objective feedback with candidates.

Redefining present and partially present (skills signal indicators)

  • Because the skills map is now calibrated to the role and level needs, a ‘Present’ is now the highest score a candidate needs on the skill to perform well at the role and level they are applying for.
    • There is no requirement for them to score a ‘Strongly Present’, so this option has been removed from the Skills Map
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