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Byteboard Hiring Consortium (BBHC) & Job Board FAQ

We’ve created some resources to introduce you to the Byteboard Hiring Consortium (BBHC).

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please reach out on Slack or email directly to!

What is the BBHC?

We know that hiring the best talent requires an efficient and effective interview process that candidates love. That’s why we built the Byteboard Hiring Consortium (BBHC), a feature that can reduce evaluation turnaround times, improve candidate experience, and even increase top of funnel volume!


The central value of the BBHC is when a candidate applies to your company, if they’ve previously applied to a similar role (i.e., SWE domain) at another BBHC opted-in company, they have the option to share their raw interview materials rather than retake a Byteboard interview. Those materials are assessed using your company’s custom grading requirements, and you will receive a skills report up to nine days faster and with a more streamlined candidate experience.

  • Add to that a Job Board that highlights all of the amazing companies participating in the BBHC, and you have a recipe for many excited candidates! 🔥

How it works

If a BBHC-participating company invites a candidate to take a Byteboard Interview and that candidate has already interviewed in the last 3 months with another Byteboard Hiring Consortium participant, we don’t require that candidate to retake the interview with a new assessment question.

  • Instead, we give the candidate the option to re-submit their existing interview materials to be re-scored against the new BBHC company’s custom scoring requirements.
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*Note - to be clear, Byteboard does not share any info about where the candidate has interviewed with other BBHC-participating companies and we do not share skills reports directly with candidates. If a candidate does not wish to share their materials, we will work together with you and the candidate directly to determine interviewing next steps!


How BBHC helps you ☀️

Allowing candidates to share interview materials will reduce time to hire by as much as 7 days or more because you will no longer need to wait on a candidate to take the Byteboard interview for a second time. BBHC participation can also improve Byteboard assessment completion rates, and improve overall candidate experience by not asking candidates to demonstrate the same skills repeatedly.


BBHC participants can also choose to participate in the Byteboard Job Board, a page on our website that links directly to your job listings and can improve top of funnel volume by displaying all the amazing companies using Byteboard. If you opt-in to the BBHC, you are eligible to be included in the Job Board after 3 months. We will follow up on a quarterly basis for accurate details to display on the Job Board.

How BBHC helps candidates

We’ve received requests from candidates over time for an interview materials sharing model. Although candidates receive a different assessment question each time they interview through Byteboard, we’ve found that candidates often perform similarly across all interviews within at least a 3-month time frame. We intentionally design Byteboard interviews to work this way.


Applying BBHC to the candidate experience means that a candidate won’t need to dedicate an additional 2 hours to Byteboard since we already have materials that represent their skill level!


Your interview process with BBHC ✏️

The Hiring Consortium does not change your experience in using Byteboard or inviting candidates. You send out invites as you typically do and we will handle collecting candidate consent and re-scoring materials to share with you. After candidates consent, you will receive the standard format of Byteboard report that applies your calibrated scoring profile.


There is no additional cost to join the BBHC, and interviews that use the BBHC will be billed like any other interview. While ensuring your processes stay the same, the Byteboard Hiring Consortium will reduce the time it takes to receive candidate reports and will provide candidates a better interviewing experience.


What are the benefits of the BBHC for me?

There are three primary benefits of participating in the BBHC for clients:

  1. Reduced report turnaround time: Because candidates who have already completed an interview won’t have to re-take it, the process from invitation to report finalization is up to seven days faster. Once the candidate chooses to share their interview materials, they are recalibrated against your scoring requirements and the updated Skills Report is typically shared immediately.
  1. Improved candidate experience: We frequently hear from candidates in job searches that they are being asked to demonstrate the same skills over and over again. The BBHC solves this problem and lets candidates put their best foot forward while minimizing duplicated efforts.
  1. Increased top-of-funnel volume: Candidates will be able to see all of the amazing companies hiring with the BBHC in one place with the Job Board. Knowing that they could show their skills without repeating time-consuming processes will make every listing more exciting.

Will all candidates I invite be part of the BBHC?

Yes! Eligibility extends to all candidates who have completed Byteboard interviews that were finalized in the last three months for clients participating in the BBHC. Candidates have the choice to share their interview materials if they are invited to interview for the same type of assessment by another BBHC-participating client.


How many questions do you have for each domain? How come we usually only see one?

We have a handful of active questions per domain at any one time and our Assessment Development Team is regularly developing new questions. For each of our partners, we typically will assign candidates the same question so you're able to get well-calibrated on the responses. In the case a candidate is taking a question in a unique language or has seen a question in the past and is not BBHC-eligible, we'll assign them a different question than the default! Any questions for the same domain are eligible to be shared through the BBHC.


Can I tell which Skills Reports are from BBHC candidates?

No. In order to minimize bias and ensure equitable outcomes for BBHC candidates, there is no indication in the Byteboard platform whether or not a candidate’s materials were sourced from BBHC. We will reach out periodically to share updates about BBHC usage and time savings, and are happy to answer any questions you have at any time!


Will I be informed if a candidate I invited later chooses to share their interview materials through the BBHC?

No. In order to protect candidate privacy, clients will not be informed of or asked to approve any sharing of materials.


Does the BBHC make candidates I invite to Byteboard more likely to apply to other companies?

We can’t say for sure, but we can make the following commitments to you:

  1. Your interviews aren’t advertising: We will publicize the Byteboard Job Board to candidates on our website and through other means, but we will not prompt candidates to visit the Job Board after an interview or use candidate data submitted by clients to advertise.
  1. BBHC candidates undergo other application processes at the start: Candidates cannot directly submit their Byteboard data to other companies in the BBHC. Rather, they can apply to those companies and, if they advance to the Byteboard stage, share their data then.
  1. The BBHC succeeds together: We built the BBHC to give every participant a top-of-funnel advantage relative to companies that don’t hire with Byteboard. BBHC participants are signaling their commitment to an equitable and real-world interview process that centers around candidate experience. We fiercely believe that we can attract an incredible candidate pool to BBHC that will help you fill your open roles with candidates who want to work with you more than anywhere else.

How will this impact our purchased Byteboard plan?

Your plan will remain unchanged whether or not you opt-in the BBHC. Interviews that are completed using BBHC materials will be charged to your account just like any other interview.


How do I sign up for the BBHC?

Please reach out to the Byteboard team by Slack or email if you are interested in joining the BBHC!


How can we be a part of the Byteboard Job Board?

Clients who have been BBHC members for at least three months are eligible to add a listing to the Byteboard Job Board. We make semifrequent updates to the Job Board, so will reach out directly when your account becomes eligible. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out!


Can we update our existing Byteboard Job Board listing?

Yes! We make updates to the Job Board as needed. When your hiring needs change, you can fill out this form to let us know and we will update the Job Board at the next quarterly interval.


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