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How to reduce your number of ‘Expired’ and ‘Incomplete’ Byteboard Candidates

Tried and tested Byteboard recommendations to help decrease the volume of your candidates not responding to their invite email or fully completing their interview.

Below, find the Byteboard team’s recommended best practices for how to reduce your total number of Expired and Incomplete candidates so that your team can achieve the highest invite response and Byteboard Interview completion rates as possible!

Reducing the Number of ‘Expired’ Candidates

1. Adjusting the default interview deadline time

  • The default deadline is 7 days for candidates to complete their Byteboard interview to ensure they have at least one weekend (the most popular time to take it); some customers choose to reduce this default to force candidates to complete the interview more promptly
    • Your team can also increase the amount of time until the interview deadline on a case-by-case basis for candidates that may need more than 7 days to take their interview
    • More info on how to adjust a candidate’s interview deadline (if they haven’t started their interview yet) can be found here

2. Pre-scheduling the Byteboard interview time

  • Many customers choose to email candidates once the interview is sent out to pre-schedule a time for them to complete their Byteboard.
  • This helps candidates by adding more structure to the timeline and helps customers know when to expect candidates to submit by!

3. Update the Deadline field after a candidate’s invite has expired

  • When an invite expires, the candidate’s link to take their Byteboard interview is no longer active. However, your team can still update the Deadline field for expired candidates and this will reactivate the link. If the candidate then completes their Byteboard, they won’t count toward the Expired total.
  • More info on how to adjust an interview deadline for Expired candidates can be found here

4. Ensure the Incomplete Interview isn’t for a duplicate Candidate

  • In the case where a Byteboard Interview is sent to a candidate’s incorrect email address, your team will need to send a new interview using the new email.
    • The original invite and candidate ID will be left as Expired, and can otherwise be ignored in the portal!
    • You can reach out to our team on Slack or via email if you’d like us to remove the original candidate ID date (associated with the incorrect email) from your portal.

Reducing the Number of ‘Incomplete’ Candidates

1. Reach out to Incomplete candidates to verify if there were technical issues

  • Occasionally candidates will face technical issues or other circumstances that prevent them from fully submitting their Byteboard after they began the interview (losing power, uploading incorrect ZIP file, etc.). Candidates are instructed to email our Technical Support ( for any of these during-interview issues, but sometimes they forget to do so.
    • To ensure our team can help troubleshoot their issues (e.g., re-opening the interview to provide more time), best practice is for your team to also reach out to any Incomplete candidates and determine if they faced any issues that caused their interview to be Incomplete or if they had a different reason
    • Then, you can either instruct the candidate to contact directly or message us on Slack using the support workflow/via email to help resolve the issue
    • In some cases, candidates are sent the wrong interview type, so their Byteboard may be Incomplete due to this; updating the interview type may ensure they complete the full interview

Note* Candidates do receive an automated email when their interview submission is marked as Incomplete!

^ Example of automated email reminder candidates are sent when their interview is marked as Incomplete

2. Send a Byteboard summary email to candidates before they take their interview

  • If your team doesn’t already do so, best practice is to send candidates a short email describing what the Byteboard interview is and why your team chooses to use it to evaluate your candidates!
  • When candidates are invited to take a Byteboard interview, they’re first directed to a Prep Guide page that provides resources like an Interview FAQ doc, and also info. about time accommodations or using assistive technology (like a screen reader or voice dictation).
  • Sending an additional email to prime candidates for what to expect (in addition to our Prep Guide) may make candidates feel more comfortable and more likely to fully complete their interview.
    • Reach out to us if this is of interest and we can provide some template language that you can update and send to your candidates.

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