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Updating a Candidate Interview Deadline

How to update a candidate’s deadline if they haven’t yet started or taken their Byteboard interview!

If you’ve already sent out a Byteboard Interview to your candidate and they have not yet started/completed it, you are able to change their Interview Deadline in the Byteboard portal.


To update a candidate’s interview deadline, follow these steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Candidates table in the Byteboard portal
  1. Select the Invited tab in the banner at the top of the table
    1. Notion image
  1. Navigate to the desired candidate ID and select a new Deadline either by clicking on the date format itself or by clicking the calendar icon next to it
    1. Notion image
  1. Select your desired Deadline date from the calendar pop-up and click OK
    1. Notion image
  1. The Deadline field for that candidate should now reflect the new date that was selected
*Note You can only update Interview Deadline before a candidate has started their Byteboard Interview. Once the candidate has started and/or completed their interview, the deadline cannot be adjusted. The Deadline field can only be updated for candidates in ‘Invited’ & ‘Expired’ status.
  • When updating a candidate’s deadline, you can select a new date that is before or after the original deadline as long as that date has not yet passed!
    • i.e., you cannot select a date before today’s date when updating this field
  • If a candidate’s original email invite expired, you can find the Expired candidate record in the All tab of the Candidates table and update their Deadline to a new future date
Best Practice — If you must update a candidate’s Interview Deadline after they’re invited to take a Byteboard Interview, you can do so from the Candidates table in the portal. Once you’ve updated the date following the guidelines above, best practice is to send the candidate an email to alert them of their updated interview deadline, even though Byteboard will also send an automated email with that information.
Updating the interview deadline for a candidate does automatically generate a new email to the candidate that reflects the new interview deadline date. Candidates can still access their Byteboard interview through the link in their original invite email or via the link in the newly generated email.

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