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Manage your candidates’ Byteboard interview / The Candidate Page

Learn how to manage your candidates’ Byteboard interview, including how to provide time accommodations, change interview type, extend the deadline, and send reminders.

1. Accessing the Candidate Page

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You may access a candidate’s page and profile in one of two ways:

  1. Navigating to the Candidates tab on the platform will display a list of candidates currently in the pipeline. Clicking on a candidate’s ID will take you to their Candidate Page.
  1. You may also search for a candidate’s ID or name using the Search bar at the top of the platform. Clicking on a search result will open the Candidate Page.
If a candidate has been invited to take a Byteboard but has not yet started or taken their interview, navigate to their Candidate Page by first clicking in to the Invited tab of the Candidates table and then click on the candidate’s ID.

2. Candidate Profile

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The candidate profile panel on the left displays key information about your candidate’s interview including the Interview type and chosen Language. By default the candidate’s identifiable information is collapsed and can be viewed by clicking on View Candidate Identity.


Below the candidate info are key events that are captured during the lifecycle of the candidate’s Byteboard interview including Invite Sent, Reminder Sent, Interview Started, Interview Completed, Deadline Updated, Interview Type Updated. Each of these events include metadata such as when the candidate’s status was updated and what changes were made.


3. Interview Status

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A candidate can be in any of the following statuses depending on where they are in their Byteboard Interview:

  • Invited candidates were sent a Byteboard interview email invite but haven’t yet taken and completed the interview.
  • Active candidates are currently taking the interview.
  • Expired candidates were sent an interview invite but didn’t complete the interview before their scheduled deadline.
  • Incomplete status indicates that a candidate began the Byteboard interview, but it was not fully completed or submitted.
    • Typically, incomplete interviews were abandoned after being opened or the first part was submitted and the second part was left blank.
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        Best Practice: If a candidate is marked Incomplete but reaches out to you directly about technical issues during their interview time, contact to discuss resolving these issues and possible next steps for that candidate!
  • SupportActive indicates that our Support team is currently working to resolve issues they encountered while taking or submitting their Byteboard interview.
  • Recommendation Generation indicates that the candidate has taken their Byteboard interview but it has not yet been graded. The date by which their report will be available is listed on the top left corner of the screen next to the candidate ID.

4. Manage Interview

This section can be used to modify and manage interview settings for a candidate that has been invited to take a Byteboard interview.

i. Update Interview deadline

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If the candidate has not yet started/completed their interview, you are able to change their Interview deadline in the Byteboard portal by clicking the Extend button and selecting the desired date. The Deadline field should now reflect the new date.

*Note - If the candidate’s interview invite has expired (i..e, the deadline date already passed), you can still update the interview deadline to reactivate the interview link. Follow these steps below to extend the deadline for an expired invite to reactivate the interview.

1. Navigate to the All tab of the Candidates table in your Byteboard portal 2. Find the candidate ID (BB ID) for the expired interview 3. Click into the Deadline field (click the date or on the calendar icon) 4. Select a new date (later than today’s date) and click Ok to update the interview deadline

Updating the interview deadline for a candidate does automatically generate a new email to the candidate that reflects the new interview deadline date. Candidates can still access their Byteboard interview through the link in their original invite email or via the link in the newly generated email.

ii. Change Interview type

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You are able to change Interview Type if the candidate has not yet started/completed their interview. You may update the Interview type by clicking the Edit button and selecting the appropriate Interview type.

*ATS Note — if your account is integrated with an ATS like Greenhouse or Lever and a candidate invite was sent through the ATS, you must also acknowledge that updating their interview type in Byteboard doesn’t also change the interview type listed on the candidate’s record in Greenhouse/Lever. In this case, click Confirm to save and apply the interview type change. (example screenshot below)
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The best way to change a candidate’s interview type if they have already started their interview is to have the candidate abandon their current interview and then send a new invitation with the correct interview type.

iii. Send an Interview reminder

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You may use this feature to send the candidate a reminder email with a link to their Byteboard interview from the platform. (Reminder emails are also automatically sent 3 days before the candidate’s interview deadline)


iv. Edit Interview duration

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If the candidate has not yet started/completed their interview, you are able to change their Interview duration (provide time accommodations) as needed. Click the Edit button to see the current durations and available modifications.

  • The default duration that we recommend for the Byteboard interview is 40 min for Part 1, a 5-min break and 70 min for Part 2.
  • You may choose to provide 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x times the default durations to complete the interview.
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You may see that the Current durations are different from the Default durations which indicates that modifications have been previously made to this interview type or this candidate.

5. Troubleshooting

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If a candidate is running into issues when they begin their interview and has reached out to you for assistance, the best way to get support from a Byteboard team member is to use this button. Provide as much detail in the description of the issue. Someone from the Byteboard team will contact and work directly with the candidate to troubleshoot and fix any issues. These requests are monitored 7 days a week.


For all other non urgent requests please reach out to your Byteboard representative.


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