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Greenhouse Integration Overview

How do we set up a Greenhouse integration?


If you currently use Greenhouse as your applicant tracking system (ATS) and would like to integrate with Byteboard to send out interview invites directly from Greenhouse, please reach out to your Byteboard customer success representative to initiate the Greenhouse integration process. Byteboard offers a self-serve integration setup process that takes you step by step through the integration setup.


The Greenhouse integration will take care of the following parts of the candidate lifecycle:

  • You can invite a candidate directly from the ATS
  • You can review a candidate’s Byteboard results directly from the ATS
  • You will not need to visit to input candidate outcomes (Next Steps and Offer Status), which allows our team to seamlessly recalibrate your candidates’ ratings recommendations and offer you metrics on your hiring process with Byteboard
An account Admin must first
An account Admin must first toggle on the Greenhouse Integration to get started!
Once the integration is toggled on,
Once the integration is toggled on, follow the instructions to complete setup!
*Note — An account Admin must first toggle on and enable the Greenhouse integration for your Byteboard account from the portal Team Settings page before you can view the self-serve integration steps in the portal. Reach out to Byteboard to schedule time to walk through the integration setup jointly if your team would like to do so!

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