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Live Coding

About Live Coding interview feature

Live Coding allows team’s to seamlessly transition from evaluating a candidate's Skills Report to a Live Coding interview diving deeper into the skills they need to succeed. The video below walks through this feature:

Byteboard Live Coding – Video Walkthrough


Using Live Coding offers several key benefits:

  • More signal: Our tailored questions allow you to dive deeper into a candidate’s Byteboard interview responses, using validated questions and giving interviewers a structured framework to work from.
  • Simpler processes: By bringing another component of your interview process into Byteboard, you can simplify and eliminate the need for another tool - many of our clients simply use a Byteboard Interview, a Live Coding interview, and a culture or fit interview!
  • Happier candidates: Live Coding Interview lets candidates showcase their skills in a context where they have already spent independent, focused time - a big step up from the unfamiliar, start-from-scratch interviews that haunt candidate nightmares.


Live Coding Experience

Does Live Coding use count against interview count?

Live Coding is available as a platform add-on separate from Byteboard Interview subscriptions.

What are the steps to conduct a Live Coding interview?

To conduct a Live Coding interview:

  1. Scheduling and invitations:
    1. Once you determine who will conduct the interview, you can schedule the Live Coding interview using your existing solutions (e.g., Greenhouse).
    2. You can then visit the candidate’s Byteboard Skills Report page, linked from the candidate’s ATS page where relevant.
    3. Once there, toggle to the Live Coding tab to access both the interviewer and candidate links to start the Live Coding interview (see below):
      1. Notion image
      2. If you have integrated with Greenhouse, the interviewer and candidate links will be available via Greenhouse (see below):
      3. Notion image
      Best practice: Share links to the interviewer platform and candidates’s coding platform prior to the start time of the interviews. This allows candidates time to review the Interview Center materials and for the Live Coding session to be accessible immediately when the interview is scheduled to start.

  1. Starting and conducting the interview:
    1. Any interviewer on the panel can start the interview by:
      1. Clicking into the Start Live Coding Interview button
      2. Clicking into the Link to Interviewer Platform
    2. This will send an email to the candidate and grant them renewed access to their submissions from the Byteboard Interview.
    3. Once the candidate has had a chance to follow the brief setup instructions, the interviewer should then ask that the candidate share their screen.
    4. The interviewer can then ask the questions listed in the Byteboard platform and follow along as the candidate works in the online IDE, recording notes if they would like.
    5. ⚠️
      Note: Remember to click the End Session button when you’ve finished asking the candidate questions so that you can view their code diff and notes from fellow interviewers.

  1. Submitting and notes:
    1. Live Coding interviews are not time-restricted by Byteboard, though we typically recommend 45 to 60 minutes as a window for completion.
    2. Once the interview is complete, any interviewer can click the End Session button — this is important to make sure that the candidate’s code diff can be generated.
    3. Interviewers can continue to edit their notes and make a recommendation, and then click the Save and Submit button to view the code diff to support any further debrief conversations.
What do candidates experience?

Receive a Live Coding Interview Invite:

  • As soon as they are invited to the interview, candidates receive an invitation to an Interview Center with all of the resources they need to prepare for the Live Coding interview.

Explore the Live Coding Platform:

  • They will also have a chance to explore the online IDE where they will take the Live Coding interview from the Interview Center, though their actual Byteboard Interview code will not be available until the interview is started by the interviewer.

Meet with Interviewers Live during Scheduled Interview Time

  • At that time, candidates will share their screen and respond to the interviewers’ questions.
  • Once the interview is completed, candidates will no longer have access to their code from the Byteboard Interview or the Live Coding interview.
Is there an email template we can send to candidates to introduce the Byteboard Live Coding interview?

The Byteboard team recommends sending your candidates an additional email (a little extra personal touch) to introduce their next round as a Byteboard Live Coding Interview, in addition to the Live Coding invite email that’s auto-generated from the Byteboard platform.

We’ve seen that this helps drive engagement and set the stage (ease candidate anxiety) as they move forward in your process!

Below is our boilerplate email language. Please update the language to reflect your team’s typical default Byteboard Live Coding interview duration and extent to which your onsite interview covers technical versus behavioral questions and components.
[ Suggested Email Template ]

Live ‘Virtual’ Onsite Interview via Byteboard Live Coding (1-hr total)



Your next step in {{COMPANY NAME}}'s interview process will be a 60-minute live onsite interview via the Byteboard Live Coding platform. This interview directly builds upon the existing Byteboard coding project that you’re already familiar with.

  • Here at {{COMPANY NAME}} we believe in working together to solve tough on-the-job engineering challenges and collaborating with our teammates to improve upon our processes and solutions. {{COMPANY NAME}} chooses to use Byteboard Live Coding as an immediate follow up to the first project interview so you can meet with members of our team directly.

During this time, you’ll be able to further elaborate upon your submitted work from the initial Byteboard interview, including being able to justify certain technical choices as well as describing your mindset while working through the problem space in more detail. You’ll also potentially expand upon any unfinished coding tasks or revisit alternative solutions to those same problems.


What is a Byteboard Live Coding interview?

Byteboard Live Coding is a live interview through Byteboard’s online integrated development application (IDE) platform.

  1. Once invited, you will receive a link via email from Byteboard from which you can access your Live Coding interview; this is similar to the invite email you originally received from Byteboard.
  1. At your scheduled interview time, your assigned interviewer(s) will activate the interview link, and you’ll be able to access your existing Byteboard codebase and revisit your progress in the online IDE.
  1. During the interview time, you’ll then share your screen with your interview panel and walk through a series of questions together about your previous Byteboard submissions and other supplemental (exploratory) questions.
      • These may include reflecting more deeply on your existing responses, expanding upon the same problem space and continuing on to complete the solution, and/or relating Byteboard’s questions to previous engineering experiences and challenges you’ve faced.

When can I take the interview?

When you receive your Byteboard Live Coding invite email (sent from, you’ll also receive a separate note from our team to schedule the exact date and time for your live interview with our team. Please make sure you can set aside an uninterrupted 1-hour window to complete the interview, and also make sure you have access to a reliable WiFi connection prior to starting.

  • Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email in your inbox.

Your invite email will direct you to an Interview Guide, similar to your initial Byteboard interview. To prepare for the Byteboard Live Coding interview, reflect on your initial Byteboard interview submission and self-identify any project areas in which you feel you particularly excelled or would like to improve, but no other advance preparation is required!

  • Review the interview guide linked in your invite email for more resources and tips!*

During your interview, contact Support directly through the platform or email about any technical issues you experience.


What if I may need time accommodations?

It’s important to everyone at {{COMPANY NAME}} to create an accessible, inclusive interview process, so please notify us immediately if you need time accommodations for your Live Coding interview.


What’s next?

As one final note, we want this live interview to feel cohesive with your previous interview and for you to feel best prepared by using a familiar interviewing platform! Even if you feel that your first Byteboard interview was not your best work, our team would love to hear from you directly about what you thought went well and where you’d like to improve.

Once you've completed your Byteboard Live Coding interview, {{COMPANY NAME}} will review the results, after which point we'll follow up about your next steps.


Good luck!


Why isn’t the interviewer I want to invite showing up?

Only users who are already added to the Byteboard platform can be added as interviewers. For details on how to add a user to your account, see this article.

  • *Note that there is a permissions level (user role) called Interviewer which is specifically designed for users whose primary interaction with Byteboard will be as a Live Coding interviewer.
Where can I find the interview questions?

The questions are visible after selecting the interviewers and inviting the candidate. You will be able to see interview questions whether or not you are on the interview panel.

The questions are specific to the Byteboard questions the candidate completed in their independent interview and are frequently being updated.

How can I test the Live Coding feature?

The best way to test the Live Coding Interview is on a call with the Byteboard team. You’ll have a chance to meet at the beginning of your alpha partnership, and can walk through the experience as a candidate or an interviewer. The video above also provides an in-depth review of the Live Coding Interview experience for anyone who is unable to join the call.

*Note that testing the Live Coding Interview with past candidates is not recommended, since that will trigger a live invitation to that candidate’s email address. In your live testing session with the Byteboard team, we can discuss further options for testing the feature.

Live Coding Availability

When can I use Live Coding Interviews?

Live Coding interviews are available after a candidate completes the Byteboard Interview.

Once Live Coding is enabled for your Byteboard account and a candidate’s Skills Report is available in the Byteboard platform, the Live Coding tab will be accessible next to the Coding Implementation (Part 2) tab.

  • Would you like to use Live Coding Interviews with candidates who have not completed a Byteboard Interview? Please reach out to the Byteboard team ( or Slack) and let us know!
Can I upload my own questions or code?
  • At the moment, the candidate’s code from their previously completed Byteboard Interview will open by default. Candidates can upload any other code they would like to the Workstation once it is loaded, such as pulling in examples of similar projects they have worked on.
  • Byteboard-provided questions will also show up for interviewers in the platform by default. Interviewers are welcome to adapt the questions as they like, or use entirely different questions if they prefer.
  • Would you like to use Live Coding Interviews with custom code and/or questions? Please reach out to the Byteboard team ( or Slack) and let us know!
Which languages and assessments are available right now?

Currently, Live Coding Interviews are available for Byteboard candidates in the following interview domains:

  • Software Engineering - General
  • Software Engineering - Systems/SRE
  • Frontend Engineering - Web
^^ *All languages in the above domains are supported with the exception of C#.

Would you like to use Live Coding Interviews with candidates in other domains or languages? Please reach out to the Byteboard team ( or Slack) and let us know!

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