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❓ How many questions does Byteboard have for each domain? How come we only see one for our candidates? Or, why are our candidates in the same domain receiving multiple different questions?

We have a handful of active questions per domain at any one time and our Assessment Development Team is regularly developing new questions.

  • We typically have multiple questions active at any one time (especially for our SWE domain) and adjust our distribution frequently based on a variety of factors
  • Candidates are assigned a Byteboard interview question randomly according to a set distribution at the time they are invited
  • All questions within a Byteboard domain are calibrated equally, so you can be confident that your candidates are all getting a fair experience regardless of the question they receive.

For each of our partners, we typically will assign most candidates within a domain the same question so you're able to get well-calibrated on the responses. However, in the case a candidate is taking a question in a unique language or has seen a question in the past, we'll assign them a different question than the default!

If you have a strong case for only wanting your account’s candidates to receive one specific question within any interview domain, reach out to Byteboard to discuss options for setting up a custom question allocation.

Because we cannot guarantee that your candidates will always get the same question, we recommend implementing an onsite process that can be applied to all Byteboard interview results, irrespective of the specific prompt.

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