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❓ How long is the Byteboard interview and can we alter the length?

The default Byteboard Interview is structured into two parts and must be completed in one sitting:

  1. A 40-minute technical reasoning exercise (Part 1)
  1. A 70-minute code implementation exercise (Part 2)

Between the two parts, there is a 5-minute break that the candidates can choose to take or they can start the second portion right away.

  • The above default timing structure applies to all Byteboard interview domains except for our Staff SWE assessment

The default Staff SWE Byteboard Interview is still structured into two parts and must be completed in one sitting:

  1. A 60-minute technical reasoning exercise (Part 1)
  1. A 60-minute code implementation exercise (Part 2)

Before the assessment clock actually begins, candidates are directed to an interview guide portal that includes an overview of the Byteboard interview, helpful tips and tricks about allocating time during the two parts and technical setup, and much more. When candidates are ready to take their interview, they then pick their coding language and coding environment.


Candidates are notified of the time remaining during their interview by a timer in the upper right-hand corner of the interview browser window. This timer displays how much time remains (separate for each part of the interview respectively).

  • Candidates can choose to hide the interview timer in their browser window if seeing the time causes them added stress
  • There is an audible reminder at the 5-minute mark of time remaining in Part 2 to alert candidates that their interview time has almost concluded
*Note — With tens of thousands of candidates already assessed by Byteboard and counting, we’ve found that 2 hours (110-minutes) is the perfect amount of time to get adequate signal for the skills Byteboard is assessing for without making the interview too long and increasing the risk for candidate drop-off. Both parts of the Byteboard interview build off each other, so it’s important candidates complete both parts relatively together for continuity.
Reach out to your Byteboard customer success representative with more questions about changing the default interview time!
*If a candidate needs time accommodations… before a candidate begins their interview, you are able to apply extended time accommodations directly to their candidate record from the Byteboard portal. Read here about how to provide extend time accommodations.

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