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❓ How do we get in touch with Byteboard?

Different contact methods to get in touch with the Byteboard Customer Success, Billing, Sales, and Technical Support teams.

If you have any questions about your Byteboard account, reach out to the team via your preferred method of communication:


1. Slack — if your team is set up with a shared Slack Connect channel with Byteboard…

  • In your shared Slack Connect channel, react with one of the two emojis shown below to any post or reply to alert the Byteboard team via an automated workflow!
    • ⭐ or ❓

2. Email — reach out to the following email inboxes depending on your specific Byteboard need or question:

🥇 — alerts our Customer Success team e.g., setting up training for new team members, account renewals, assessment configurations, adding interview types, changing your subscription plan
🧑‍💻 — alerts our Technical Support team i.e., candidates should reach out to this email if they run into any issues during their interview that would require re-opening the interview or providing more time
🪧 — reach the Byteboard Sales team about plan pricing options, platform add-ons or if you’d like to set up a platform demo for teams that do not yet have an active account
💳 — reach Byteboard Billing with questions about invoices/billing for your account

3. Spaces — if you account is set up with a Google Space chat, reach out to your team’s main Byteboard contact or Byteboard Customer Success representative to get added to the Space thread

  • Similar to Slack, use Spaces to get in touch directly with the Byteboard team with any questions or feedback regarding your account

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