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❓ How do I log in to Byteboard? Can I use Single Sign On (SSO) and Social Login to Access Byteboard?

Info about logging in to the Byteboard portal and troubleshooting user login issues, including how to set up your Byteboard account with SSO and Social Login.

Byteboard has a range of options for accessing your account to best suit your team’s needs. This article describes these options and how to use each.

Login Options for Byteboard

Below are three options to configure your Byteboard account access, and how to set them up:

  1. Single Sign On (SSO)
      • If your organization uses Okta, OneLogin, Google Workspace SSO, or another SAML-based identity provider to manage users and app access, we can create a direct connection to your identity provider and allow your users to log in with their universal credentials. In some cases, you will also be able to manage access to Byteboard directly from your SSO provider’s dashboard.
      *To set up SSO, have your SSO admin fill out this form.
  1. Social Sign-In with Google
      • If your organization has a Google Workspace account but does not use Google to manage access to applications, we can enable a Sign In with Google option for your account. This will allow your users to log in with an existing set of credentials rather than creating a new password.
      *To set up Sign In with Google, reach out to Byteboard at directly.
  1. Username and Password Auth
      • By default, admin users for all accounts can invite new users to Byteboard, and users are able to create a password that they can use to log in to Byteboard. These secure login credentials can be updated by the user themselves or reset by an account admin.
      • If you wish to continue with Username and Password Auth, no further action is necessary.
      Accounts who prefer to remove Username and Password Auth can do so if they enable an SSO connection — see below for more detail.

1. Using SSO Connections

After the Byteboard team confirms your SSO connection is ready, when users visit and enter their email on the login page they will see a button below the password box with your SSO provider logo and name. They should click this button and enter their existing SSO credentials to log in.


There are a few key points to keep in mind about transitioning to SSO as an account admin:

  • Impact on existing users: All users who currently have access to your Byteboard account need to be assigned to the app in your SSO system in order to log in with SSO. When they do, their existing username and password account will be merged into their SSO account. They will be able to use Byteboard with the same permissions.
  • Adding new users via SSO: If you choose to assign access to Byteboard via the SSO interface for a user that does not currently have access to Byteboard, they will be able to access Byteboard at the Skills Report Reviewer permissions level, which allows access to anonymized Skills Reports only.
    • Admins can manually adjust user permissions levels in the Byteboard platform as described here
    • You can assign Byteboard to all users if you would like anyone in your organization to be able to access anonymized Skills Reports
  • Adding new users via the Byteboard platform: In addition to adding users via SSO, you can continue to add users to Byteboard using the Byteboard platform as described here. These users will have the option to log in with SSO or any other authentication option you choose for your account.
  • Continued support for username and password: Users will retain the ability to log in with a username and password unless you indicate to us that you would like to remove that option. We would recommend giving your users advance notice prior to making that decision so they have time to merge their SSO account and retain their permissions.
    • If you would like to remove username and password auth, please reach out to Byteboard ( - we’re happy to support planning and comms for the transition!

2. Using Social Sign-In with Google

When users visit and enter their email, they will see a box below the password box on the Byteboard login page with the Google logo and the text “Log In with Google.” They should click this button and enter their existing credentials.

You will continue to be able to invite users to Byteboard and manage permissions from the Byteboard platform as described here. When new users create their accounts, they will have the option to log in with Google rather than creating a password.

3. Logging in with a Username and Password

All users must be added to a Byteboard account by a user with Admin (role) permissions for that account. Once added by your account admin, you receive an email invitation that allows you to create a password.

Once you create a password, then you can visit to log in.
You can also reset your password from the login page by clicking Forgot Password in case you are having trouble accessing your portal.
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Log-in Tips & Reminders

  • If you need to be added to your company’s account, reach out to an Admin. The Byteboard team can help you identify the admins for your account if you don’t know who they are.
  • Byteboard updated our login process in February 2023; all users who created Byteboard accounts during or prior to this date will use their same login credentials to access their accounts.
  • If you cannot access your account and are unable to reset your password using the link above, you can contact for further information.

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